Group ABA Infra

FCA Log is part of Group ABA Infra, which is formed by companies in the port infrastructure and logistics, fuel and tourism sectors. Our constant search for recycling training is part of the company’s policy to seek for ongoing investment in technology and modernization to serve our clients with excellence. The experience acquired by the Group over the years with strong operation in these sectors, provides excellent development of its companies. The Group has specialized teams, information technologies and state-of-the-art equipment in order to carry out operations safely, ensuring the integrity of cargo, visitors and employees.

Learn more about the companies and sectors from Group ABA Infra:

Port Infrastructure and Logistics

Liquids Terminal for the sustainable development of storage and handling services for liquid bulk products in the Port of Santos.

Customs warehouse that provides a broad range of services focused on the storage and movement of containers and loose cargo with 24-hour monitoring.

The only NVOCC in the Port of Santos with its own customs warehouse terminal. Focused on optimizing processes and costs throughout the logistics chain.



Fuel distribution base, serving the East Zone of São Paulo and Baixada Santista.


Trading company specialized in the segment of petroleum derivatives (fuels) and other chemical products.


Atlantis is a service station network part of the Group ABA Infra and started its activities in 2022.



Largest and most modern passenger terminal in Latin America, located in the Port of Santos – São Paulo, with 41.9 thousand sqm of operating area.


Passenger terminal in the Port of Salvador with 10 thousand sqm of operational area.

Passenger terminal located in the heart of Porto Maravilha in Rio de Janeiro, with 40 thousand sqm of operational area.