Sea freight, air freight
and cargo consolidation

FCA Log is a sea freight expert, the first NVOCC in the Port of Santos with its own customs warehouse terminal!

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Why choose FCA Log?

Better LCL storage cost

Competitive sea freight andair freight

High operating quality

Frequency in LCL routes from asiatic countries

IATA Certification

Competitive local rates

Constant expansion of origins

On-demand custom services

JC Trans Member

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Importação Direta e Importação Indireta

How FCA Log is a different freight forwarder

Acting as a cargo consolidator in the LCL market and in national and international maritime, air and road transport, FCA Log has its own Customs Terminal: Eudmarco, which results in greater operating agility and greater competitiveness.

It is an innovative model, which provides greater control in supply chain processes, more flexibility and security in the operation, quality of service with less bureaucracy and negotiation voice.

FCA Log is focused on optimizing processes and costs throughout the logistics chain. Whether in international or national cargo, the company always improves its customers’ operations. This enables LCL safe, practical storage negotiation in the port of Santos with better logistics performance.


We have a team specialized in international logistics, focused on positive results taking care of each step of the process closely, and ensuring quality and safety in operations.

FCA Log understands the needs of each customer and provides them with custom, effective solutions through strategies.


FCA Log has its own container and loose cargo customs warehouse terminal thus being able to provide agility in its clients’ logistics processes.



To be the guarantor of the transit of goods, offering state-of-the-art technology, quality, agility, convenience and safety for all our clients and employees.


To be recognized in the international and national logistics market, as an example of reliable, solid and efficient freight forwarder.


Commitment, Transparency, Dedication, Responsibility, Transformation, Protagonism and Social and Environmental Awareness.

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