FCA Log is the only NVOCC in the Port of Santos that has its own Bonded Terminal and Warehouse, which makes its logistics more agile. The company emerged as a result of a major strategic planning of EUDMARCO S/A Bonded Terminal.

  • Negotiation of storage costs;
  • Competitive ocean freight (LCL);
  • Competitive local rate;
  • Operational requirements compliance;
  • Frequency on LCL routes from China (Shenzhen, Shanghai, Ningbo, Qingdao and Hong Kong);
  • Expansion of origins..

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FCA Log differentials as a NVOCC:

Acting in LCL service and operating in sea, air and road transportation, national and international, FCA Log works in conjunction with the Eudmarco Bonded Terminal and Warehouse, resulting in greater operational agility in the market, greater competitiveness and proximity to customers, which ensures a personalized service according to your needs. It is an innovative model that provides greater process control, more flexibility and safety in operation, less bureaucratic quality of service and negotiating voice.

FCA Log focus on process and cost optimization across the entire logistics chain. The company optimizes the operations of its customers, which allows the negotiation of LCL storage at the port of Santos even for cargoes under CIF incoterm and with safety, practicality generating better logistics performance.

The company has a tracking system to track the movement and transit of cargo during the operation, including online support.

The FCA Log and EUDMARCO S/A belongs to ABA Infra Group, that has been operating for decades in the infrastructure, port logistics and other fields. The experience acquired by the Group over the years, acting strongly in these sectors, provides excellent development of its companies.

FCA Log Services

Maritime Transport

Cargo Consolidation Service (LCL)


FCA Log has a highly qualified team with expertise in consolidation service and freight forwarding. Get to know our the wide range of import and export routes performed by FCA Log.

Air Transport

Air Freight


We count on excellent air line partners, which guarantee agility and safety for your international freight.

Road Transport

Road Transportation


FCA Log provides services of road transportation with the high quality and safety in LTL and FTL.


Warehousing and Bonded Terminal Storage


The only NVOCC in the Port of Santos that has a bonded terminal for cargo storage.